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just like 与 just as的区别 做这种题就要去同求异, 区别开as与like就好了 as与like是英语中常见的两个词,他们的语义和用法很多.在语义上者两个词都可以当"像.","正如."讲,说明人与人、物与物、动作与动作、状态与状态之间的相似之处.但其语法结...

不能,这里like是介词,必须加 动词-ing。表示:如同,就像...一样.

just like you 网络 就像你; 偏偏喜欢你; 和你一样; 就像你一样; [例句]'I want to be just like you', she bursts out. “我想就像你一样。”她大声喊道。

好几种解释,楼主需要根据语境翻译: 1.就是喜欢你 1.就像你

是卡朋特兄妹演唱歌曲:Close To You Close To You简介: 所属专辑If I Were A Carpenter 发行时间1994年10月 演唱者The Cranberries 中英文歌词对照:Close to you(靠近你)Why do birds suddenly appear鸟儿们为何突然出现Everytime you are ne...

as和like都是常用的可以表示"当“的含义的词,但是just like是做副词的, just as as有做连词的用法,这两个词组的差别不是意思的不同,而是语法语用的不同:just like做副词放在句中,而just as 可以放在句首,引导从句 我是老师,有问题可以交流~

我喜欢你, 但是仅仅只是喜欢。 I 我 like 喜欢 u 是you的简写, 出现在网络交流中, 你 but 但是 just 仅仅

Carly Rae Jepsen的call me maybe 高潮歌词Hey, I just met you , and this is crazy , but here's my number, so call me, maybe ,也有男生翻唱版的

Say Foxx? (Yeah.. eah.. eah...) I had-I had a chick man- (Yeah.. eah.. eah...) She wouldnt did me real wrong, I mean (Yeah.. eah.. eah...) I did the same thing to her but- She aint have no right to do me like that though dawg, ...

Allison Iraheta - Just Like You You texted me to say you made a mistake Couldn’t say it face to face You thought you wanted her and got what you deserved Now look who’s getting played They say karma comes around Used to want yo...

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